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     Ritzcraft Pools & Pavers is a BBB Accredited Swimming Pool Repair Company in Bradenton, FL

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Beautiful Pool Renovation in Bradenton, FL

From pool and deck resurfacing options to energy efficient equipment that can reduce your energy costs, Ritzcraft is here to handle all of your renovation needs. Whether you want your pool to be heated for you when you come home or if you are looking to create a backyard light show, our enhancements are ideal for making any pool area a true paradise.

Our swimming pool renovations in Bradenton, FL, are of the highest quality and durability. Make your pool more convenient to use and create a vibrant aquatic atmosphere with the following upgrades:

• Salt Chlorine Generators
• Pool Heat Pumps & Spa Heaters
• Filters
• Pool Pumps
• Pool Cleaners
• Timers & Electronic Automation
• Fiber Optic Lighting
• Colored Halogen & Led Lighting
• Energy Efficient Equipment

Pool Renovations & Repair in Bradenton, FL

Swimming Pool Repairs

Regular repairs extend the life of your swimming pool, allowing you to enjoy it securely for the years to come. We can repair all aspects of your pool and equipment, including:

• Generators
• Pumps & Heaters
• Filters
• Motors
• Plumbing
• Cleaners
• Leaks
• Screen Enclosures
• Timers & Electronic Automation Systems